Year: 2006

>The Parrot Chute

>The Parrot Chute. Claude would have approved.

>CNN Article of the Day

>”Duct tape no substitute for a babysitter, police say“. Gee… you don’t say…

> – a decoy mail server

>I’ve written a decoy mail server in Perl. It is a fully RFC 2821-compliant mail server. Except it doesn’t do anything. Well it does something. Basically this is a decoy to catch all the spammers who are intentionally talking to

>Ancient Chinese Curse

>Ack! I’ve been hit by that Ancient Chinese Curse: May you live in interesting times.[1] Oh to live in boring…er…I mean…tranquil times…

>Itzhak Perlman

>We went to see Itzhak Pearlman tonight at the Overture Hall. Words barely begin to describe what that man can do. Un-freaking-believable.

>Oct 21!

> …and we still have over a week to go in October yet… *sigh*

>Top Posting

>Paraphrased from out on the Internets: A: Yes.>Q: Are you sure?>>A: Because it breaks the flow of conversation.>>>Q: Why is top posting bad? Really, people. Take the time to put your responses at the bottom and delete out unnecessary included

>The cobblers children have no shoes?

>You’d think they’d have seen it coming…

>Vmware vs. Debian Testing

>So I updated Debian testing yesterday and after that starting vmware just exits without actually doing anything. Since vmware is actually run via a wrapper program, it was not only eating the output (grr) but it was making testing it

>all things went kaboomthe computers playing tricks —jeff curses servers