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>Backyard Panorama

> I made a quick panorama of what it looks like from our backyard. I really like Hugin. It’s a really cool program. Now, back to the things I should have been doing….

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>My 1337 Parking Pass

>I think the world’s trying to tell me something. I’m just not sure what it is. For instance, here’s the day parking pass I paid for today: (click for an even bigger version) And no, I didn’t Photoshop it. What,

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>Todays diversion brought to you by Flickrvision. Good God, how is anyone supposed to get any work done?

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>Whats on my Drivers License Bar Code?

>I had wondered what was on the back of the 2D barcode on my Drivers License: —— Begin CardAddress=[my street in all caps]City=[my city in all caps]State=WIZipcode=[my zip code]Driver License Number=[my drivers license number]License Expiration Date=YY/YY/MMDDLicense Issued Date=MM/DD/YYYYDate of Birth=MM/DD/YYYYSex=MALEAddress2=Height=0’##”Eye

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