Month: August 2007

>Beer Machine

>In the future, homes will come complete with a beer machine.

>Icedove versus Google Desktop Linux

>In my continued battle with Google Desktop Linux vs Icedove (unbranded Debian Thunderbird) I noticed the following on the Icedove error console when GDL causes Icedove to go for a 100% cpu binge: Error: [Exception… “‘Failure’ when calling method: [gIMsgFolder::GetMessageHeader]”

>pear install MDB2_Driver_oci8

>Note if you see the following error: Warning: MDB2::include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening’MDB2/Driver/oci8.php’ for inclusion The answer is: pear install MDB2_Driver_oci8

>The six bit wooden adder

> Wow… made by Matthias Wandel at

>Chain Mail is the new Black

> Who needs asbestos underwear when you’ve got chain mail? Now, can this be a tax-deductible business expense? Hmm…

>Where’s my Horse?

>Letsee here, no posts since May. Summer’s been like that this year. Combine a month off (June) and preparing for that (May) and recovering from that (hasn’t finished yet). Ahhh… no wonder its felt like I’ve been extra busy lately.