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>Herding Cats at the Garden

>Wow! These people are trying to show what it takes to be a sysadmin! Silly NY Times doesn’t let us embed, blah. Here’s the best commercial, ever:

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>Did the Great Masters "Cheat" using Optics?

>Yesterday I saw a very interesting computer science/art history lecture given by David G. Stork, chief Scientist at Ricoh Innovations. His lecture was, in large part, a response to the Hockney-Falco thesis, which basically said that around the rise of

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>Tipping Point

>Video Friday continues: I love Rube Goldberg machines. Mmm… and now I’m all thirsty.

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>Lev and Thumpbot play Crazy

> Thats just… Crazy.

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>Oh noes! You’ve got Pac Man in my Zork!

>In a mash up of all things very geeky and very old:Pac-Txt: Pac-Man meets Zork To see two worlds of my younger years collide like this. Wow.

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