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>The Beltline Tops My Week

>I’ve been having one of those weeks. Its been a week where everything is just a lot harder than it should have been. For instance, yesterday a welding truck flipped over ahead of us on the beltline. We were trapped

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>Preach on Brother Schneier!

>A reading from the book of Schneier, Feb 15 Crypto-Gram: “Since 9/11, approximately three things have potentially improved airline security: reinforcing the cockpit doors, passengers realizing they have to fight back, and — possibly — sky marshals. Everything else —

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>Yes we can.

> I saw Barack Obama speak at the Kohl Center this evening. Wow. He spoke to things I find very important. They include: Getting us out of Iraq. Iraq was a distraction from the real work in Afghanistan. Hope is

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>It’s official: Madison sees snowiest winter ever

>It’s official: Madison sees snowiest winter ever So they’re going to make shirts that say “I plowed through the winter of 07-08” for the staff? How long do you think it is before people add the word “was” between the

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>Winter strikes again

>For those of you missing out on all the Winter fun in Wisconsin: That’s a shot of Campus Drive @ Randall Ave in Madison.

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>My Grandmother

>My grandmother died today. I am, of course, sad she is gone. However, my focus is on how happy I am that she was in my life. She wasn’t an ordinary grandmother. She was extraordinary in many, many ways. Lets

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