>Whats the Most Popular Date Easter Falls On?

>I was born on Easter and have had my birthday on Easter twice in my life so far. It led me to wonder, whats the most common date that Easter will fall on between the earliest possible day (March 22) and the latest possible day (April 25). Here’s the graph for the years 1583 through 4099:

The source data came from http://users.sa.chariot.net.au/~gmarts/eastcalc.htm

>Happy Pi Day!


>The Iraq War gets better and betterer


Iraq war 'caused slowdown in the US' | The Australian:

“‘When the Bush administration went to war in Iraq it obviously didn’t focus very much on the cost. Larry Lindsey, the chief economic adviser, said the cost was going to be between $US100billion and $US200 billion – and for that slight moment of quasi-honesty he was fired.

‘(Then defense secretary Donald) Rumsfeld responded and said ‘baloney’, and the number the administration came up with was $US50 to $US60 billion. We have calculated that the cost was more like $US3 trillion.”

I’m still searching for the silver lining on the war in Iraq. 600,000 plus people dead. 100,000 US military suffering from post-war issues. US economy stifled. The Dollar is in a freefall. Iraq is now a terrorist haven. Security theater abounds at airports. Fear-mongering continues.

Of course its good that we have a barrel of oil going for more than $100… Where do you think the Sauds are getting the money to lend us? How much further in debt are we going to go?

Them’s some dark clouds… and they aren’t going away any time soon, no matter who is elected president. Remember: we brought this upon ourselves. We did not have to go into Iraq. Oh, and Afghanistan (remember that deal we didn’t finish?) *sigh*