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>Intel GM945 causes Gnome to choose the wrong monitor

>So I recently upgraded to a new monitor ($318 on the Sun Matching Grant Program — which really isn’t a matching program anymore, but I digress). The problem is that I now want to use that as my primary display,

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>After Microsoft

> After Microsoft Taken from the same shot that the Windows XP “Bliss” image was taken, 10 years later.

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>Tough DUI Test

>Thankfully I don’t think I’d fail. This guy came close to making it:

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>Dog vs. Screen Door

>Growing up, we had a dog. He wasn’t the smartest creature on the planet (heck, he ate a rock once — I think my dad still has that little souvenir). Anyway, this dog is even dumber:

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>The case of the 500-mile email

>Trey Harris should write a book. He’s already got a great title: The case of the 500-mile email

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>My Next Car

>If only I could have one of these as my next car: I wonder if crushing the car in front of you incurs extra insurance costs…

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>The Dog Named Lady

>I’m pretty backlogged on my podcasts, so this one is from a while ago. If you’ve got about 5 minutes check out The Dog Named Lady. Its worth the trip…uh…I mean the listen.

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>Finally, work can resume

>The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery building is going up. First, things must come down. Demolition is cool. Its also quite a distraction. Here’s the view from our office:

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