This is what Democracy Looks Like

I went up to the protests at the Wisconsin State Capitol yesterday (Saturday, February 19).  I have some thoughts about this (that I’ll go into later).

That said, I’ll note that I didn’t see too many Walker supporters.  They occupied one corner of the capitol, while the rest of us were circling the capitol (and inside).  I didn’t go looking for them, they didn’t look for me.

Nevertheless, here’s some pictures:


Miss Forward
Protesters on Miss Forward


Scott, if you could graduate you could negotiate
Scott Walker is not a college graduate. Also, cannot be a substitute teacher in Wisconsin.


Walker's just like a bad toy. He NEEDS to be RECALLED!
Even the firefighters aren't with Scott.


Farve for Governor / 4-Get Walker
Unexpectedly Wisconsinites get to reuse their Farve jerseys.


I Blame Farve!!
I think we can all agree on this one.


Fighting Bob LaFollette
Fighting Bob. His bust has become a shrine.


Beware of Gov
This was posted quite widely in the capitol.


TAA: We're keeping it clean (and peaceful)
The TAA is taking turns cleaning the capitol.


Walker: Total Recall, Coming January 2012
Lots of things are supposed to happen in 2012. Apparently Total Recall as well, minus Arnold.


The Rotunda
The Rotunda, Wisconsin State Capitol


A Vuvuzela plays along
Michelle Malkin said Up Next: Didjiridoo & vuvuzela ensemble. Vuvuzela, check.


Didgeridoo ensemble
Michelle Malkin said Up Next: Didjiridoo & vuvuzela ensemble. Didgeridoo, check.


They can have their Tea Party!! I'm a Wisconsinite and I want a Kegger!!!
Another thing Wisconsinites can agree on.


WTF, indeed.


Even I look Less Ridiculous than Scott Walker
I don't think I can disagree with this.


Tea Parties are for Little Girls
...and for people in Britain.

A fun day

This morning I woke up to a cold house. There is a retaining wall ~5 feet beyond what I shoveled out, but still that’s about an 8 foot high drift or so. With the snow so close to the air intake for the furnace, the intake got plugged, choking the furnace.

Nothing says fun like shoveling out the backyard.