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RIP Curt

RIP Curt La Crosse Center 300 Harborview Plz.

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I’m still reeling from the news of +Curt…

I'm still reeling from the news of +Curt Gran 's passing.  Here's a link to one of many threads in the biking community about it: I went to college at the same time as Curt did.  There are many stories

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Cool! If you bought @swiftkey…

Cool! If you bought @swiftkey X from Amazon’s market, you can upgrade to swiftkey 3 for free.

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@plankers this is why I’m 100%…

@plankers this is why I’m 100% google calendar now. May work out sync to wisccal someday…

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Larrys doorbell is online. #ya…

Larrys doorbell is online. #yapc

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.@shadowcat_mst: “git: the sec…

.@shadowcat_mst: “git: the second thing Linus Torvalds named after himself” #yapcna

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Awesome infographic on the tim…

Awesome infographic on the timeline from Data -> Information -> Presentation -> Knowledge #yapcna

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@plankers Empirically I find t…

@plankers Empirically I find that most people forget that step.

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.@plankers “find someone to bl…

.@plankers “find someone to blame” is a generic algorithm to solving any problem

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The word that describes @duckd…

The word that describes @duckduckgo apparently is BANG! #yapc

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