I’m still reeling from the news of +Curt…

I'm still reeling from the news of +Curt Gran 's passing.  Here's a link to one of many threads in the biking community about it:  http://www.st-owners.com/forums/showthread.php?118019-Curt-Gran-s-Furneral-arangements

I went to college at the same time as Curt did.  There are many stories (and thankfully no cellphone cameras to record every movement back then).  There are few that instantly leap to mind.

The first was one summer afternoon (much like on a day like today) when I was hanging out at KHK as often I did.  The LP tank on the grill needed changing.  Curt was damn set on getting the tank off… so much so that he was hammering on a wrench to get it to loosen up.  As we were backing away (the porch was wood after all), +Greg Rogers mentioned "hey Curt, aren't Gas lines reverse threaded?"  And Curt, with a look, a smile, and a fairly light tap in the other direction, had the tank off.

The second story that really comes to mind is also from around that time.  +Scott Villers and I went down to Florida for spring break.  As was often the case, spring break ended on a Sunday.  It was also Easter.  It was also my birthday.  And, I really needed to study.  I steeled myself up for the task and cracked open the books and set myself down to study (Calculus).  Then the phone rings.  It's Villers.

"Its your birthday.  We're going drinking," said Scott.

"No, really, I need to study," I replied, and then launched into how much I really did.

Then, well, there was a mini explosion of sound from the phone.  Scott had handed the phone to Curt. I'm not sure exactly what Curt said but it was something along the lines that if my ass wasn't outside in a few minutes he was going to come in there and haul it out for me.

Needless to say, I accomplished no studying that night, but did learn that the Gritty closes on Easter.  Factoid: not all bars in Madison do.  Some even stay open until bartime.  Brothers was amazingly a cool place without many people. 🙂

At any rate, there are many other stories… like another birthday of mine where on the walk to State Street from CAE, Curt started telling us all, loudly, how the Education library orders things completely wrong (imagine all caps) "they have books 1 to 8 million on this side of the room, and for some [deleted] reason they have books 1 to 8 million ENDING IN AN S on the other side of the room"  People looked at us rather funny when we're all laughing hysterically as some long-hair-biker-freak-dude is screaming about not being able to find books in a library.

Then there are the pair of parenthesis that Curt put in the desk at CAE with his boot ("PAREN PAREN" yelled Curt, followed by a BANG!).  Lisp does that to people.  There's a reason they let the current generation off easy by only having to learn Java.

Also back at that time, if at the computer lab where we worked you left yourself logged in and left, you were subject to having things, well, altered in your account.  Lets put it this way at least once he came to me and said "YOU!  I do not know what you did.  FIX IT."  Which more or less left no option 🙂

Curt was a great guy.  I'm both immensely sad that he's gone, and grateful that he was in my life.  Godspeed Curt.  FNAR.

Curt Gran's Furneral arangements

I found this on Facebook. I hope this is OK to post!

Thanks again to all of you who have posted your stories about my brother Curt. I wanted to pass along the basics about the funeral.

The serv…