Month: October 2012

I spent my Amazon MP3 credit!

Its nearly a miracle. I had a $6 credit with Amazon and I didn’t have a way to spend it. For October only you can download the following albums for $1.99 each — for a total of 297 tracks! The


THIS WEEK'S COMIC Muppet Mitt takes a stroll down Sesame Street… Click here to read on Boing Boing. Click here to read on Daily Kos. (coming) Click here to read on GoComics. (coming)

…adorable little serial killers…

…adorable little serial killers… How much do cats actually kill? [Infographic] An infographic about how much murder kitties really commit. View

@spiritkl The original came fr…

@spiritkl The original came from I’d suggest contacting them.