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Today I had a series of Lemony Snicket Events. Ph…

Today I had a series of Lemony Snicket Events. Photos by

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I spent my Amazon MP3 credit!

Its nearly a miracle. I had a $6 credit with Amazon and I didn’t have a way to spend it. For October only you can download the following albums for $1.99 each — for a total of 297 tracks! The

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Look out Metallica… Bill Bailey is coming

via Dave Berry

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Dub Stepping Sesame Street

Via Boing Boing et al.

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10 Years of All your Base

As Bob pointed out… All your Base has been around now for 10 years. Another way to feel old, I guess 🙂

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Floppy Toccata and Fugue

Ah, floppies. May they rest in peace.

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This is what Democracy Looks Like

I went up to the protests at the Wisconsin State Capitol yesterday (Saturday, February 19).  I have some thoughts about this (that I’ll go into later). That said, I’ll note that I didn’t see too many Walker supporters.  They occupied

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Team Fresh: why must you distract me so?

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In honor of Benoît Mandelbrot.  I used a tool on Debian that, for some reason, has gone missing (and I’ve forgotten the name).  This is, of course, no way near as cool as the fractals from Team Fresh (warning: the animations

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>The six bit wooden adder

> Wow… made by Matthias Wandel at

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