It is Spring!

According to the calendar, it is now Spring!. Sadly…

…my front yard disagrees. 🙁

Once again we have the last snow in the neighborhood.  Figures.


This is what Democracy Looks Like

I went up to the protests at the Wisconsin State Capitol yesterday (Saturday, February 19).  I have some thoughts about this (that I’ll go into later).

That said, I’ll note that I didn’t see too many Walker supporters.  They occupied one corner of the capitol, while the rest of us were circling the capitol (and inside).  I didn’t go looking for them, they didn’t look for me.

Nevertheless, here’s some pictures:


Miss Forward
Protesters on Miss Forward


Scott, if you could graduate you could negotiate
Scott Walker is not a college graduate. Also, cannot be a substitute teacher in Wisconsin.


Walker's just like a bad toy. He NEEDS to be RECALLED!
Even the firefighters aren't with Scott.


Farve for Governor / 4-Get Walker
Unexpectedly Wisconsinites get to reuse their Farve jerseys.


I Blame Farve!!
I think we can all agree on this one.


Fighting Bob LaFollette
Fighting Bob. His bust has become a shrine.


Beware of Gov
This was posted quite widely in the capitol.


TAA: We're keeping it clean (and peaceful)
The TAA is taking turns cleaning the capitol.


Walker: Total Recall, Coming January 2012
Lots of things are supposed to happen in 2012. Apparently Total Recall as well, minus Arnold.


The Rotunda
The Rotunda, Wisconsin State Capitol


A Vuvuzela plays along
Michelle Malkin said Up Next: Didjiridoo & vuvuzela ensemble. Vuvuzela, check.


Didgeridoo ensemble
Michelle Malkin said Up Next: Didjiridoo & vuvuzela ensemble. Didgeridoo, check.


They can have their Tea Party!! I'm a Wisconsinite and I want a Kegger!!!
Another thing Wisconsinites can agree on.


WTF, indeed.


Even I look Less Ridiculous than Scott Walker
I don't think I can disagree with this.


Tea Parties are for Little Girls
...and for people in Britain.