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Bunkys: King of Spaghetti

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Chad Vader, Fox News Correspondent

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This Land Is Your Land

I’m so bummed I missed this live and in person. Given all that’s gone on, this clip… is just simply awesome.

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The Rotunda

This was the rotunda from the Capitol yesterday. I felt that it needed its own post!

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A fun day

This morning I woke up to a cold house. There is a retaining wall ~5 feet beyond what I shoveled out, but still that’s about an 8 foot high drift or so. With the snow so close to the air

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Angélique Kidjo is out of this world!

The best part of Angélique Kidjo’s concerts is that she invites people on stage. Awesome doesn’t even cover it!

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Insert Coin

That’s one impressive video. To do that with coins is unreal. In many ways this reminded me of early computer graphics… I can’t wait until Nvidia makes a coin-accelerator. (via boing boing)

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Thats What You Get

You know, we don’t have these problems at Lambeau Field…  We don’t even have those Brendt problems either.

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All of Iran’s Base Belong to Someone

Don’t you hate it when someone infiltrates and mucks with your nuclear program? Shame, really. Via Scott Adams

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Pardon the construction

Cue the animated .gif, construction is underway.

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