>Domain Registry of America, my ass.

So I just got this postal mail today from the “Domain Registry of America”. What pricks. They are clearly trying to pick on clueless idiots who register domain names and do not know what they are doing.

I have a domain name that I’ve registered that expires two days before Christmas — that’d be December 23. And then they have the gall to say

As a courtesy to domain name holders, we are sending you this notification of the domain name registration that is due to expire in the next few months.

Surely they’re joking. That sure is some strange use of the word few to mean 6.

Then, in a slightly smaller font, they go on to say that “This is not a bill” and how you have a choice of Registrars. However, I think that a somewhat clueless domain owner will just see “ACT TODAY!” and overreact and go with them (at a much higher price than I’m currently paying, too).

And THEN on the back… the worlds smallest font going over the terms and conditions. Yeah, like anyone’s going to read THAT.

Grumble Grumble… Feed the shredder. Mmm… shredded paper…