>How telling…

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>Why do I live in Wisconsin. I mean, seriously… why?

Look at this picture:

This is a picture I took standing out on my back deck at about 11:30 AM this morning.

I need to move to Maui or something.

>Bruce Schneier is the man. In his latest Cryptogram, he blasts student fingerprinting plans. Most noteably he says:

We are raising children who think it normal that their daily movements are watched and recorded by the police.

Yikes. How true it is. Be afraid of what people’s real intentions.

>I use Debian Linux. One of the really nice things about Debian is that I don’t have to go mucking around reinstalling stuff all the time. That’s really nice.

The “problem” is that if you’re not careful things can change out completely on you. For instance, buring CD’s became more and more problematic for me. I was seeing this from cdrecord:

Warning: Using ATA Packet interface.

Warning: The related Linux kernel interface code seems to be unmaintained.
Warning: There is absolutely NO DMA, operations thus are slow.

What that really should say is:


So, if you see that from cdrecord, pick a different interface, like instead of using ATAPI, I’m now using the following two lines in my /etc/cdrecord/cdrecord file:


cdrw= /dev/hdc -1 64m ""

(and there are tabs between things on the cdrw= line).


>My new Network Computing article is now online: Workshop: Recovering from an Attack. This is the part, of course, before heading off to the nearest bar and recovering from the recovery 😉

>Dave Berry is awesome. For a brief example, look at Dave’s description of spyware makers.

>In life, the first thing is to begin. And so I do.