>Behold the power of Deb’s Lamp!

>I need more cowbell.

>Music Goodness

After upgrading to Debian testing on my laptop, I noticed that mpd stopped playing through esd. The fix was easy — add the following to ~/.mpdconf

ao_driver "esd"

This pity factoid brought to you by the numbers 4 and 2.

>The file just loaded does not appear to be executable.

That statement shouldn’t end in a .

… jus sayin.

>Have you wondered, item number #2353.523:

How exactly does one convince a Solaris machine to reread its EMC SAN configs using Emulex and Powerpath without rebooting?

  1. Edit /kernel/drv/sd.conf and add the lun. We have two switches so each switch is bound to a different SCSI id. So you just add another lun.
  2. Issue a update_drv -f sd — per Emulex’s documentation
  3. Run devfsadm
  4. Run /etc/powercf -q — note that the -q means “quiet” mode, but powercf won’t seem to run without it (I guess its too polite to be loud in the server room)
  5. Run /etc/powermt config
  6. Run /etc/powermt save

Now, remember boys and girls, these are just my musings and if you’re foolish enough to try to use this as authoratitive information you really are on your own.

Do not taunt happy fun ball.

>Ode to Thunderbolt
As I’ve said before, Victor Allen’s Thunderbolt is the best damn coffee, period.

When its 3:15 AM and sleep is nowhere in sight…

And your head is falling to the right

Reach your hand

for the best damn coffee in the land!

Aren’t you glad I have a day job? (even if it does occasionally keep me up all night long?)

BTW: I get my Thunderbolt at Madison Woodmans West. I’ll see you there.

>As seen at Menards in Monona

>Hmm… As seen on the OpenAFS mailing list:

Subject: Re: [OpenAFS] transarc.com
From: Esther Filderman
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 13:34:12 -0400 (12:34 CDT)
To: openafs-info [at] openafs [dot] org

On 9/21/05, ed wrote:
> Hello,
> Why does transarc.com point to a porn site?

Gee, AFS doesn't get YOU all hot and bothered?

OpenAFS-info mailing list
OpenAFS-info [at] openafs [dot] org

>The L Team

So I saw something tonight that was really… odd. Its one of those odd Madison things I guess. I went to watch a friend of me and my wife play on her softball team’s semifinal game.

While this should be normal as softball is played all around, the odd part is the team that our friend was playing. They were the “L” team… Lets put it this way, one of the guys that was watching them play shouted during the match:

2 4 6 8 lets go decorate!

… and then the entire group very routy LGBT folks went on being quite obnoxious. But, nevertheless, I found the quote very… telling 🙂

>Scott Blake – Bar Code Art

Now, THIS is a cool clock… okay its eerie but still cool in a post-modern-geeky-sorta-way.